Investment Management Strategy

Investment management strategy

Here at Redwood Capital Management you work directly with our team. We feel that communication between advisor and client is the key to a long and successful investment relationship.

Our investment management philosophy is strongly rooted in fundamental research coupled with comprehensive risk analysis. We focus on companies with robust fundamentals, solid core business ethics, dependable management and strong free cashflow

Risk is managed through the purchase of companies trading at reasonable valuations. Whilst market timing is important, the greatest returns are achieved when the improving fundamentals of a company are not reflected in the current market valuation.

An Evolving Approach

Whilst our core philosophy has remained unchanged for over 30 years, the process by which we execute that philosophy has certainly evolved. With access to state-of-the-art technology alongside an ever-expanding global research department, Redwood Capital can identify and qualify opportunities for our clients much faster and more efficiently, ensuring that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to your investments.

Ideal Investments

We identify ideal investments based on four key attributes.

  • That have a unique competitive advantage
  • Have high or improving, normalized returns on capital
  • Have the ability to generate significant free cash flow over a market cycle
  • Where growth is funded internally
Non-Ideal Investments

Conversely, we avoid companies that are difficult to understand, have highly leveraged balance sheets, are acquisition driven, or whose market share is declining.

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How can our investment advisory help you?

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